Official Statement from the Schuller Estate:

Dr. Robert H. Schuller will be laid to rest on Monday, April 20, at 10:00 in the morning at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. The public service will be held in the plaza, encircled by the four architectural structures built during Dr. Schuller’s years of leadership: the Crystal Cathedral, the Arboretum, the Tower of Hope, and the Richard Myer Visitor’s Center. The closed casket memorial will end with a procession into the Memorial Gardens where the private comital service will inter him beside his wife, Arvella Schuller.

The public will be welcome to view the comital from the exterior perimeter of the gardens.

Christ Cathedral is paying for all service expenses in honor of Dr. Schuller’s contribution to faith and to the campus now owned by the diocese. Friends of the family have offered to cover the remaining mortuary expenses. The service will be officiated by Schuller’s friend, The Reverend Dr. Dan Chun, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu.  Other speakers will be offering tribute to the multi-dimensional person who was Dr. Robert H. Schuller.